remember when i wrote that award winning entry about teddy geiger and ended it with a random "now i will enter a contest to win dinner and a private show with him for you, dear fans"?

yeah....i won

hehehe :) however, i was at the hottest party in rochester on saturday and couldn't miss that to see teddy. i did give the tickets to a friend and she said it was very nice.


ice pops

ice pops

how would you define an ice pop?

your average frozen juice like subtance on a stick (or two)? those long and narrow plastic sleeves filled to the brim with frozen delight? an ice cube on a stick? do tell :)

my first memories of ice pops are from when i was about five or six. my aunt would order various food items from Schwan's food service and my cousins and I would get so excited when the delivery man arrived because that could only mean one thing....flintstones push pops! mmm....frozen goodness encased in cardboard covered with cartoons...mmmmm

who can forget those narrow plastic sleeves tho? personally, i like to call them freeze or freezie pops. did you know that there is a band called the freeze pops??? they have songs that are sure to be classics such as "duct tape my heart" and "i am not your gameboy" - dude! where have they been all of my life? anyhoo, back to ice pops :) i love those little packets of sugar water! when i was a kid i remember loving to suck all of the juice out and watching it run up the sides. we would also roll them up and blow on them like those little noise makers...who knew it had so many uses? now we use them at work when the kids get a bloody lip and won't let us put an ice pack on....yesssss

i shall continue later....prayer for now

back from prayer now...i was so thirsty and couldn't stop thinking about how an ice pop would really help that problem....however, prayer was good :)

how about orange buddies? my friend's family offers me one every single time i come over...i think they are a little obsessed with them :)

skippy? do you know the ice cream man??? mmmm....overpriced ice pops from an ice cream cart on wheels. it was amazing how within thirty seconds of hearing the "ding ding" we could beg mom and dad for money, find money, and gather with every single child within a two mile radius

that is all i have to say about that....stay tuned

Gina gets a job

Gina is so sneaky and sends me a text message saying "your topic for today is gina gets a job"

the story behind that is that she has been trying so hard to find a teaching job in the area without much luck. it's getting down to the wire here and schools start next week. not hearing about a job pretty much meant that she would have to sub and might be moving back home to utica - sadness + sadness!

so i get the text message and wonder if it's really true or if she just wants me to write about the topic in general in hopes that it would happen asap

IT WAS TRUE!!!!! Miss Gina will be teaching pre-K in Rochester and doesn't have to move back home or sub!!!!!

Gina - you rock! congrats to you!!!!! I know you are going to be the most amazing teacher. You have infinite amounts of patience and love and those children are going to be so blessed to have you as their teacher. Thanks for being a perfect example to us all about what it takes to achieve your dreams when it seems like everything is against you. YOU GO GIRL!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

(no subject)

My topic for yesterday.....angry children! WHY DID GINA GIVE ME THIS FREAKING TOPIC?!?!?? ARGGGGGG!!!! I JUST WANT TO PUNCH A WALL!!!!

oh yeah....she said angry CHILDREN....fine, why can't i ever be included? *sniff sniff*

oh well...I shall tell you all about angry children because i happen to deal with ten or more of them on a daily basis...

my two year olds get very angry with me when I tell them to stay on their cots, tell them hold hands on a walk, take away their toys, wake them up, tell them snack time is over, break up a fight, leave the room, take them away from their precious toys to change a diaper, give someone else a turn, take them from their parents in the morning, sit them in time out, gather them for a fire drill, ask them not to hit/bite/kick/throw things, etc.

sometimes it seems like their worlds are coming to an end...this is commonly referred to as the "terrible twos"

today i was left alone in a room with ten sleeping toddlers which was so peaceful and sweet. i love to look at their adorable little sleeping faces :) fast forward 5 mins....one child wakes up....another.....another.....another.....until finally, all ten children are awake and ready to roll. unfortunately, i would have to break the news to them once again that we don't get off of our cots until three and they would have to use "quiet voices" and stay on their cots until then. i'm pretty sure after this moment that they used some sort of telepathy or special toddler powers to unanimously decide that the request of their dear (and did i mention alone in the room?) teacher would be denied. one child would sneak off the cot and i would go over to gently place them back on while another would use that as an opportunity to use their cot for what i can only imagine was their intended purpose for it, a trampoline. after about the gazillionith time of placing them back they got the message that i meant business and pulled out that oh so special secret weapon, the tantrum...

ten angry toddlers sitting on their cots.....i actually called gina to let her hear :)

and that my friends is an extra special glimpse into my life....

(no subject)

Gina's chosen topic for today was Teddy Geiger...

I don't really know anything about the young man except for the fact that he is from my great city and I like the songs that I've heard on the radio. I looked up the lyrics to "For You I Will" in hopes that they would provide inspiration for this entry...

Honestly, I am going to muster every ounce of confidence I have to write this and hope that it entertains my faithful readers (for you I will, faithful few) :)

"Wondering the streets, in a world underneath it all..." - this totally reminded me of my mission trip to NYC. We spent the entire week with the "lower class" - in homeless shelters, poor neighborhoods, youth, etc. and we had planned to spend the last two days being tourists in the great big city. Teddy's quote here reminds me of a thought that I towards the end of that first part of our trip. I thought about how we spent the entire week traveling underneath all of the typical NYC tourist attractions by subway. We literally didn't see any of the sights until the tourist part of our week. It really made me think about the people who call NYC their home that don't belong to that very low percentage of the upper class that seems to represent NYC from the outside. It was really neat to travel underneath it all and get to the real heart of the city.

"Forgive me if I st-stutter from all of the clutter in my head..." - this dude really knows what he is talking about! (Let’s ignore the fact that he was talking about some cheesy love thing.) Lately I've been so preoccupied with stress at home that I find myself having difficulty with focus and normal conversation that makes sense. I don't really feel like going off on a tangent about all of the actual clutter in my head right now so I’ll leave that up to your wild imaginations

"If I could dim the lights in the mall and create a mood I would..." - wow, this song is really quite high on the cheese factor. Anyways, this line made me think of a couple weeks ago when I met Steph at the mall to see a movie. She was working in one of the stores so I walked through the mall to meet here there. However, it was after hours and the lights were dim :) I remember thinking how weird it was to be sitting there in the middle of the mall and see no one around. It's weird how much a physical space can change...it was like night and day...haha

"Shout out your name so it echoes in every room...." - poor Teddy, I haven't been lovin on him too much during this entry. TEDDY GEIGER!!!!!!!!! There buddy, I shouted out your name....I'm not really sure if it echoed in every room but I can give you a 100% guarantee that it did indeed echo in my heart *lol*

I guess Teddy is coming to Rochester soon to perform....

Just for you, faithful readers....I have personally just this second entered a contest to win "dinner with Teddy followed by a private acoustic performance"

*screams like a little girl and faints*

random things

lately i've been updating my myspace blog and forgetting to copy and paste to the other two. here are a few entries...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

too many blogs
Current mood: awake

people are starting to talk....

"leigh, why haven't you updated your (insert journal name)?"

before my fans get totally restless....i shall fulfill their every need and desire by posting an update on my exciting life....

I added some new pics to my slideshow :)

most of my time is consumed by my class and trying to keep things in order at home. i have a new group of kiddies and they are pretty much the cutest things to ever toddle on two legs :) i wish life would be that easy sometimes...a hug takes all your troubles away and your biggest problem arises when joey knocks down your lego tower =P

home is very stressful - mom is still trying to find the right balance of meds, the house looks like a frat house, and the kids take no responsibility. the family went away this week so i was at least able to do a major clean up without having to worry about them messing it up one second later

Gina and I went to kingdom bound last week - amazing! It was so nice to get away, go camping, hear from the heart of christian artists, and end the nights with wonderful concerts :) Gina and I also decided to sponser a compassion child named Israel from Uganda.

I'll try to update more often :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

toilet paper

Gina and I are playing a little game this week where we pick topics for each other to write about. I was nice and let her write about her mom and she returns the favor and gives me toilet paper...

Toilet paper....definitely something I would not want to live without. I was thinking about all the different brands, thickness, and textures that exist out there and then it made me think of the diversity of the human race. Some toilet paper is cheap and only has one layer....could we relate this to a person who also only has one layer? a person who could be labelled as shallow or weak? and how about the toilet paper that has many layers? can we relate it to someone who has lots of layers? someone that has multiple personalities, moods, and stories to tell?

I then brought my thoughts back to actual toilet paper and remembered the college days when I lived in a dorm. The toilet paper that they provided was so darn cheap EXCEPT for parents weekend when suddenly there would be really nice toilet paper in hopes to assure the parents that we are that well taken care of the rest of the year. Then there were the days that we lived in a townhouse and suddenly had to provide such things for ourselves. The world had finally decided that we were old enough to browse the gigantic selection at wegmans and spent hours deciding just which brand to invest in. Remember when you were the one who kept buying it for your house and refused to buy anymore until someone else stepped up to do it? yeah, those were fun days.

oh yeah...and I remember how my good friend from college thought it would be a grand idea for companies/clubs to advertise on toilet paper! and another time when we found travel toilet paper in our friend's closet - who knew such things existed?? who can forget wrapping classmates up in toilet paper during some high school pep rally? and that time you and your friend toilet papered someone's car or house?

I demand you all to tell me funny toilet paper stories! Until then....I must go yell at the siblings for leaving the empty roll on =P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The topic for today is...shoelaces

thanks Gina :)

Well...seeing that I am a toddler teacher, I'm not a huge fan of shoelaces. It is so much easier to put on those little shoes with velcro. However, is it really cool to wear velcro shoes past the age of 8? I submit that yes, it is cool! sketchers and other cool shoe companies have come out with nifty ones that actually look cool and I am proud to say that I own a pair :)

shoelaces....the ones on my shoes are falling apart! I actually had to cut the ends off and make knots in them to keep them from coming through the little holes. i've been trying to decide if i should get new sneakers or just replace the laces....it's a pretty big issue currently, no joke!

i'm so tired and therefore my creativity is lacking....do you remember when shoe laces were all like bright neon and/or had fun pictures on them?? i thought it was so cool to wear the ones that looked like a coil...ones that just went across each row of the shoe....yeah, those were rad :)

how to you tie your shoes? tell me stories about bunny ears!